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Actor Salman Khan, often known as Bollywood's Bad boy, but many claim that actor Salman Khan has a heart made of pure gold. Welcome to Salman-Khan.co.in, which updates you about Salman Khan, Salman Khan news, Salman Khan latest activities and everything that creates buzz about Salman Khan. On this website, you will even get vital stats about Salman Khan body.

Today actor Salman Khan is one of the most sought after actor in Bollywood, working with almost all top banners. One of Salman Khan news confirmed about Salman Khan latest movieVEER where amazingly fit and worked out Salman Khan body can be seen.

On the personal front, every media loves to talk about Salman Khan, Salman Khan news always remain hot, so is Salman Khan body. Salman's love story began with Sangeeta Bijlani and had a well publicised affair with Aishwarya Rai. When any news or entertainment channel shows anything about Salman Khan or they show any Salman Khan news, majority of times, the focus is on Salman Khan latest love affair.

Even today, after having almost 6 years of bonding with Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan still is not ready for marriage. Though as an actor Salman Khan is going stronger movie-by-movie. This is just proved by Salman Khan latest release, Wanted, which has gained over all success in the first week. Salman Khan loves to flaunt his body; and in this movie also, girls can have a treat and guys can take inspiration from ever hit actor Salman Khan body.

Generally, Salman Khan news starts with controversy, and that too – related to girls. Be cool, you can catch all Salman Khan latest controversies (as and when they happen), Salman Khan news, actor Salman Khan body and everything you would like to know about Salman Khan. We also know that there is uncountable fan following of actor Salman Khan and they want to know everything about Salman Khan. Salman’s fans are also crazy just like their favourite star. They always search for Salman Khan latest gossips and link ups with actresses (and fights with Actors!). They don’t have to worry anymore as they’ll get everything right here.


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