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Salman Khan, the regnant actor of one of the greatest film industries called Bollywood, has not only been in news for all the blockbuster hits that he brings to us every now and then but also for his famous love affairs. And topping all the discussions about this star is the one topic, Salman Khan marriage.


The man who can be described as brawns with brains and good heart is known as the Casanova who has been with many known beauties. But Salman Khan affairs have been more popular and juicy for the fans and paparazzi all around. They have made the gossip churner even more anticipatory and exciting. This happens because his love relationships have been quite erratic, inviting a lot of media and fans’ attention. Adding to the erratic nature of his affairs were his volatile demeanor and fury which is said to be the reason behind his unaccompanied status at the moment and frantic discussions of the topic, Salman Khan marriage.


The very first Bollywood beauty who dated this superstar is Somi Ali. Native from Pakistan, Somi Ali became an actress in Indian cinema industry where she did some movies and eventually fell for this dashing and spiffy star. The stories of Salman Khan affairs began at this time and became the most talked about gossip. It is said, it was Salman Khan’s endeavors that got the girl her big breaks.


But like many other love stories, the man got attracted to the other girl and the relationship fell apart. The same happened between this famous and grapevine’s favorite couple. And entering the life and tearing apart the couple was Miss World, Aishwarya Rai. The stunning beauty took their world by storm and soon became the sensational beau of the stunner.


The luck struck again and during the smash hit movie, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’s shooting, they both fell for one another. But, Salman’s temperamental demeanor overpowered his love and compelled Aishwarya to depart from his life, forever. And yet again, the love affair did not manifest into marriage and togetherness for the stars, leaving the dashing luminary single, once again and giving rise to the very question of his marriage, again.


But this wasn’t the end to it all. This time it was a German model, Kladia Sizzle who fell for the man and so did he. But yet again, he succumbed to his temperamental tendencies only to bring the relationship to an end and shatter the soaring prospects of marriage.


Recently, we heard a lot about Salman- Katrina affair. The actress sought an entry in the industry and reached the epochal with the help of her man. But eventually, their love life also met the same fate as Salman’s previous relationships. This again has left the famous question unanswered and unresolved, about the star’s marriage.


At the age of 46, all the fans of this star are only awaiting the big occasion when the man will finally say, “Kabool Hai.”

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